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daily goals.

Each day I wake up with many little goals in mind to complete during that day. As the day progresses, the goals change to conform to the time I may or may not have or the reality of the goal itself. In the same sense, to help me fall asleep as night, I often find myself thinking through various things I want to do either the next day, in the future, or just over time. The thing about all of these goals is the fact that they very rarely actually fully occur. I blame myself for most of this, but sometimes reality does complicate things. For instance, a goal of achieving straight As in a semester can be destroyed by a too-tough professor or just a class/subject that is much too difficult to comprehend regardless of how intelligent a person may be. Some goals are just completely unrealistic. Or well, they may work for some but really not for you. A goal of starting and following a strict diet and exercise program can be altered quickly when one remembers an important lunch plan they had previously made and perhaps briefly forgotten while being mesmerized by this goal of weight loss.
Goals, in my opinion, are a great thing to make daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc., just to help a person get more out of their lives. They give you something to push towards and if they are really big (to you) goals, they help you achieve a feeling of satisfaction you can only get when you make something happen all on your own. Sometimes I find it wise to set up really simple, smaller goals to help you keep your confidence while trying to achieve a much larger goal. For example, in a case of a goal for weight loss, a smaller and simpler goal could be “giving up a different sweet every week.” Well, that may not have been the best example, but the concept is to help a person work into the complete goal.
It’s also interesting to see how goals change over time. When you are young, your goals are really big and vague. Perhaps things like “getting married to xcelebrity” or “driving  xreallyexpensivecar.” As you get older and reality becomes more prevalent, goals tend to become more focused. Almost a year ago when I first created this blog, I said that it would be a “daily blog,” and at first, it was. But as the reality of keeping up with a blog during school and busy days has set in, it has become a “once a week” or “when I develop a thought” type thing. I’m fine with this change because I am still blogging and haven’t given up in the slightest, but sometimes it just makes you think… what if there were more hours in a day and more time to get more done? Would that time actually be used for such? Or would it eventually just be the same “there aren’t enough hours in a day” concept after those hours all get used as well. Who knows?
To close I just want to add that goals are, in my opinion, an excellent thing to have. I know they sometimes feel like that little trivial thing that school teachers tell you to make, but really, I think they are good things to have in your daily lives. 🙂


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