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prompted. (1st edition)

Sometimes to help inspire a potential blog post, I click around online and look for various thought provoking things. A place I have recently come to be addicted to is StumbleUpon. I’m sure many of you have heard of this website and have found many interesting things as well, and if you haven’t, I highly recommend it as a way to pass time and help inspire your thoughts.
Last night I was clicking about and I “stumbled upon” this webpage someone created with 80 journal writing prompts and although I don’t plan on using all of them, I would like to answer a few here just to get some thoughts rolling early in the day. 🙂
Prompt #25: Describe a time you felt alone.
I define “feeling alone” as a time when I have no contact with another human being. I’m not texting, in a phone call, or around any other breathing person. Recently, one of those times was after the recent tornadoes in Tuscaloosa. It was just a time where I was sitting in the dark in my room alone. I had been attempting to pack but failed miserably after it got dark outside and a flashlight was just too complicated to try to maneuver and pack with. Although I was alone, my thoughts were definitely not quiet. Because the power had been out, my laptop was completely dead and we didn’t have any form of internet regardless, so if it had been alive, it wouldn’t have been very exciting. I considered pulling out a journal and writing down some thoughts, but again, it was very dark. It was the darkest it had ever been in my dorm room. Normally, I can’t stand quiet, but after all that had happened in the previously long day’s worth of time, the quiet was quite enjoyed. Sometimes we all just need some time away from the world around us. Just some time to sit and think, alone, about our own lives or just time to not think at all and enjoy some peace. So although I felt alone, it was a time where I wasn’t upset about such a thing, I was just sitting on my bed and enjoying the few minutes I had to breathe and think.

Prompt #28: What is the most annoying sound you have ever heard?
This sound not only annoys me, but it has even driven me to tears before. The sound of a fork scraping a plate just makes my heart, stomach, head, and everything ache. I don’t quite know why… but in that simple scraping sound, it just feels like the world is completely out of my control or something of that sort. It’s hard to explain, but I really dislike such a sound. Sometimes I hate eating spaghetti on a china plate with a metal fork just because I may accidentally create that sound that I dislike so much. I shudder to think about such.

That’s all I will answer today, but I have bookmarked the website for future inspiration and may use it again. 🙂


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