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italy week one.

Ciao a tutti!

Last week I arrived in Italy and I can’t lie, it’s been one of the best weeks of my life. My host family, classes, meals, and everything has just been fantastic! I think I’ve eaten more food in the past week than I have ever eaten in my life, but I’m not worried about weight gain anymore. We walk constantly here and each night I return home exhausted and ready to just sit down. Tip #1 for Italy traveling, always bring comfortable shoes!

I’m staying in Florence, Italy and the best way to see this and pretty much any city here from what I’ve been told and have experienced, is by foot. There is so much beauty in this city! I’ve been blogging about my entire trip thus far on my side wordpress page: and there is much more information about what I’ve seen and done there.

Today I felt like blogging here as well because, first of all, it’s still rather early in the day for me to post on my other blog, and second, because I just wanted to lay down some random thoughts as per the usual.

With traveling, there is always a time where one is homesick. I’ve had those moments at random times each day. As much as I love it here, I definitely, regardless of where I am without them, will miss my family and friends. It’s inevitable. Each night I’m fortunate to have internet access to at least check emails and facebook and see how my friends are doing. And I’m also fortunate that we live in a society that is so technology heavy that all of us were required to get an international cellphone and are able to communicate with our families back home daily through this.

The only thing I have disliked about this trip, and this is a minor thing, is the mosquitoes that love to bite me when I sleep. Right now I’m fighting the urge to scratch the many bites on my arms. I have been taking precautions like spraying myself with mosquito spray before bed and also changing the filter for the outlet my host mother gave us to help keep the mosquitoes away, but after a few hours of sleep, the spray seems to be less effective and I wake up with various bites. Oh well, it’s a small downer that is completely insignificant against all of the beauty and amazing things I have been fortunate to see just thus far, and I still have a few weeks!

Today is Friday, which means I have no class for the next two days and can devote the full days to more exploration and sight seeing. I can’t wait! 🙂 Also, in case you were curious, the picture included in this blog post was taken by me a few days ago. The sights here are unreal and I love the pictures I’ve been getting!


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