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jet lag and friends.

I’ve been home from Italy for three days now and yet I can hardly tell you what time of day it is or what day it is for that matter. I constantly find myself questioning such things. I’m really glad to be home as much as I miss and loved Italy. It’s just nice to see those I missed.

Jet lag is rather annoying in many ways. I have yet to have a consistent sleep pattern since I’ve been home. I find myself crashing at random times and eating less than I have been. It’s not the first time I’ve experienced jet lag, but I will definitely admit, this is perhaps the least I’ve ever dealt with. Perhaps because I knew what to expect, I was able to somewhat prevent it.

The worst part of jet lag is the loss of really knowing what time it is. My stomach thinks it’s one hour while my head is trying to calculate that it is another. The best part is perhaps the excuse to get sleep. It’s a good thing I don’t have any plans until mid-July at this point.

Through the course of studying abroad and such, I’ve definitely learned how much people care about me. The people in this large world that I am fortunate to call my friends are absolutely amazing. Tonight I walked into a restaurant expecting to have dinner with my ‘family’ as we call ourselves, a dinner with four other friends (one being my brother). Instead I was greeted with cheers of “surprise!” from 15 people! I can’t describe the feeling I got when I saw almost all of my closest friends incredibly excited to see me. I definitely know I was missed and feel incredibly loved for sure. And if you are reading this, thanks so much! 🙂


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