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memory triggering items.

The Coliseum in Rome, Italy. Picture taken by me during my weekend there during my Study Abroad trip.

Today I decided to clean some of the drawers in my room along with one of the shelves in my closet. Not only did I fill up an entire box with lots of trash and such but I also stumbled upon several items from years past that helped trigger some awesome memories.

I’m the kind of person that keeps pretty much every birthday/Christmas/whatever occasion card I am given. I don’t know why, but days like today, I’m reminded that they are always fun to look back at and reread. Today I found several old letters between old friends along with dozens of cards, and other things that others have given me. Along with this, I discovered many old pieces of school work that I have kept because either a.) they took a lot of time and work to complete or b.) I was very fond of them or c.) all of the above. (I’m a school geek, I can’t help it.) and it was nice to look back at some of things I’ve accomplished.

I also stumbled upon many old pictures including one of my best friend and me from the sixth grade. It’s amazing to see how much we’ve grown and matured over the years! It’s crazy to think of how much time has passed and how long we’ve known one another.

Things like this make me think of what it’ll be like in 10 years when I look back at things like my Italy trip. Things that seem so large to me now will become major highlights of a longer life then. I turn 20 in about 11 days and it’s hard to believe that I’ve lived through two decades of life. I’ve gotten to do so many wonderful things and meet amazing people along the way. I’m truly fortunate. ❤

This leaves me to ask a question for those of you who read and wouldn’t mind leaving a comment response: What kinds of items do you keep and why? How do you feel when you stumble back across such items?


2 thoughts on “memory triggering items.

  1. Most of my memories are actually triggered by songs as opposed to items. For example, I hate Gym Class Heroes’s Cupid’s Chokehold and R. Kelly’s I’m a Flirt due to unpleasant memories associated with them (what is seen cannot be unseen!). On the other hand, Juicy J’s Name it After Me reminds me of my trip to Europe in 2006 and hanging out with my friends when I was finally able to drive. While Lil Wayne’s Leather So Soft and DJ Unk’s 2 step remind me of Show Choir Trips in High school. And more recently, M-flo’s Miss You reminds me of hanging out with my sister when I went home on break this past Christmas.

    When I left college, though, I took a few little keepsakes to remind me of my sister a brother. A little pipe cleaner DNA strand my little sister gave me and a little yellow box containing a brass angel that my brother game me. I’ve also saved some pictures from my 2006 Europe trip to my PS3 to look at when I’m feeling nostalgic.

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