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10th anniversary approaching.

Today I randomly began to think about something that effected America so greatly during my life thus far. One particular thing that always pops up in my mind is 9/11. I know today is a completely random day to discuss such an event, but it’s on my mind and I’ve been wanting to blog for a few days so let’s go!

9/11/01. One of those many days/dates which I will never forget. I remember I was in the 5th grade, sitting in class, and my teacher turned on the television and put the news on when another teacher came into the room and told her she had to see what was going on. After that, we watched the news for the rest of the day. I remember taking out a sheet of paper and writing a letter to my best friend in New York about how I felt about what was going on. I knew something big was about to change. This year will mark the 10th anniversary of the attacks.

It happened less than a year after I moved to Alabama from New York. There is a picture in my brother’s room of my family standing in front of the towers and every time I see the picture, I find it hard to think that they don’t exist anymore.

The other day I was cleaning my room and found the copy of the newspaper that I kept from the next day. It’s beginning to start to yellow. I can’t believe how long it’s been. I have no idea what they will do this year to commemorate the 10th anniversary, but I know that I will never forget what happened that day almost 10 years ago.

I always have a large place in my heart for New York. It was the state that I was born in and lived almost half of my life in. Someday I want to go back there for more than just a visit. I really miss the state and city life in general.

In closing this random reflection: There are always certain days that stick out in everyone’s mind. Certain birthdays, weddings, celebrations, disasters, outings, etc., but often, I find that the days that stick out most, are the days that start out completely normal, without plans, and turn out to be the most eventful days one can ever imagine.


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