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i’ve got the funk.

Yes, the title references that George Clinton song but isn’t about the same type of funk. When I say, “I’ve got the funk” I mean, more so, that I’m in a funk. Yes. I constantly find myself frowning or unhappy about various things. I’m not saying I am unhappy with my life, I just wish some things were able to be different. Things like, being able to go home more often. I am incredibly homesick. I can’t remember ever being this homesick in the past. It’s strange, you would think, getting older, you wouldn’t miss home as much, but really, it seems to be getting worse.

The funk. It’s that thing that lowers my motivation to do things and also seems to be the cause of my sicknesses. It’s terrible when you begin to miss little things like a home cooked meal, or rather, a hot meal. The number of sub sandwiches I ate this weekend is only the beginning of how tired I am of the food in college.

I’m not saying that I’m not thankful for the things I do have, believe me, I am. It’s just a running negativity in my mind every day as of late. Some days I find myself feeling under appreciated, over stressed, and just desiring sleep or an escape from it all. As much as I truly love college, Tuscaloosa, and my friends here, I definitely miss home. I’m constantly longing for that off weekend in the future where I can spend some precious hours at home, with my family.

This week is homecoming week at the Capstone. Traditionally, this means the bringing back of alumni to a school. Unfortunately, it has always been my least favorite week of any academic year since my first experiences of it in middle school. As much as I am for alumni returning and getting to see the progress that the institution I attend has made since their leaving, whether it be middle school, high school, and even now in college, I still find myself never looking forward to the week as a student. All of the traditions and events associated to homecoming, including things such as parades and theme days, just aren’t my type of thing. Maybe it’ll be something I may look forward to when I eventually finish school entirely, but for now, it is always at the bottom of my list of events.

So, with all of this pessimism wrapped together in one block of text, I will try to end this on a positive note, because, really, I blog for myself and when I look back at these entries in the future, I will see the ups and downs of my life as I felt them in some ways. The best part of being away from home and such, as homesick as a person gets, when they return home, it’s incredibly satisfying. I know that wasn’t worded in a fitting way, but I hope I got my point across. I can’t wait to experience the gratification of returning home after nearly 2 months of being away now. I am fortunate that I do have some of the best friends and people surrounding my life constantly, even if some of them are miles away, I can always find support somewhere. Thanks!


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