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I’ve mentioned this many times before but each day I find that I definitely learn something new. Whether it is just a straight fact or just knowledge of something I never thought of before, I learn some form of new information. With this thought in mind, I constantly find myself amazed by other people and the things they have already accomplished, are currently doing and things they may do in the future. Truly, others inspire me each day to work harder and continue on my own personal path to success.

This blog entry isn’t really about a specific person, but more of a general thought on being inspired. I love reading things that make my think things like “Wow, I never thought of it that way,” and things of that like. People are creative, original and all very different. I know these may sound like “Well, duh.” statements, but sometimes I feel that it’s worth pointing out even the obvious things.  Sometimes I think that without the creative energy that others provide in my life each day, I wouldn’t be able to think the way I sometimes find myself thinking.

Sometimes I find myself staying up late in bed somewhat counting my blessings and being thankful for the people that I am fortunate to be around and work with each every day of my life. Without these people, I wouldn’t be the generally strong person I see myself as and would have difficulty making it through some days.

So I think where I am getting at with this short rambling is that I’m truly thankful for the people in my life each day. Thanks for being my inspiration to keep pushing for my dreams and helping me to think in ways that I never could have thought to think before (man, that sounds confusing). You are truly inspiring and on this day, 11/11/11, although I know it is not correct to display your wish, my only wish is to be as inspiring as so many are to me.


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