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There comes a time in many situations when a person realizes that whatever they are trying to do won’t get better than where it is now. One thinks about working and working, but the reality is, things can only be so perfect. Point being, everything has its flaws. Not just things either, people are just the same. If we were all perfect, things wouldn’t be very interesting. Could you imagine if everyone was good at everything they tried to do? Where would the challenges in life exist? Relationships would always be perfect and everyone would marry their first love, when in actuality, that only happens to one in every so many hundred or thousands of couples.

Sometimes, after working at something for a long time, I’ll go to bed and have dreams that will make me realize that what I’ve been trying to perfect just won’t get there. This is where one has to make the choice to accept the flaws and be satisfied, or give up entirely. Sometimes these types of realizations apply with life situations, like grades. For example, one may be working incredibly hard at a class to make an A, but continuously making B-s. It’s at this time you realize that perhaps you just can’t get that A you so desire. Perhaps things are just meant to stay at that B- you keep receiving.

I’m going to cut this one short and just tell you what my point is: sometimes you just have to accept the flaws in life because if there weren’t problems, there would be less purpose to do things. That may not have been the best way to phrase my thought, but I hope you understand.


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