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three life lessons.

Yet another prompt response from my class. Feel free to critique/etc. I really love this class because I am given really interesting prompts to expand upon.

The topic: “Write an essay entitled ‘What I learned'”

Basically, I could write about anything at all. I wrote three short blurbs incorporating lessons from the movie Mean Girls and 9/11.

My response:

DISCLAIMER: Upon thinking about what to write about for this I debated writing about several topics and therefore have compiled a list of blurbs, or rather, a very short list of what I’ve learned because, overall, I have learned that I am often terrible at making decisions.

I have learned that the best things in life are worth waiting for. All throughout high school, whenever a boy would ask me out on a date, I would always turn them down and say that I was simply not ready for a relationship. This was easy for me because my mother has always been against the idea of my dating or even talking to boys. When I first felt a strong connection with a boy I met at my first college band banquet, I knew something had to change. Over the next six months or so, that boy became one of my first college best friends. Unfortunately, we had to spend our summers with very limited contact because we live six hours apart outside of our time at the University. After the summer, I felt a change in our relationship. Although we had been apart for three months and had hardly spoken to one another, I could feel an immediate advancement in our friendship. One day I called my mother and told her about my feelings and essentially asked for permission for me to follow my feelings and see where it went. Of course my mother proceeded with several warnings about “what boys really want” and how I needed to be careful, but I assured her that what I was feeling was something I felt safe pursuing. Two days later, as I expected, the boy asked me out and today, we have been together for 18 months. He has been my first and only boyfriend to this day and through this experience, I have learned that certain things are just worth waiting for.

Following the events of 9/11/01, I learned that there are more cruel people in the world than I thought. Sure, I knew that not every person I was going to encounter in my life was going to be pleasant and easy to deal with, but after 9/11, I realized that there are people who completely turn their backs on you because of your race and what one person from your race might have done. They also turn their backs on you for speculations and similarities in religions. Since 9/11, the word “terrorist,” to me, has completely expanded in its meanings. When people would hear that word immediately following 9/11, they would associate it with the Middle East and threats to their lives and begin to freak out. Sure, I understand where this reasoning could make sense, but at the same time, I have learned that hatred is severely triggered by the actions of a single man. The number of hate messages and words I heard uttered to my father, a Hindu, not Muslim, man, after 9/11 often left me in tears at night.

Finally, I have a learned a lot of things from watching movies. One particular movie that I have watched a countless number of times is Mean Girls. From this movie, I have learned that the limit to the number of things I have learned does not exist. This movie showcases the human desire to be constantly approved of and liked. Although this movie is obviously fictional and does not truly display a typical high school life, it is filled with things that do relate to a high school experience. There is always some form of a grouping system that people tend to fill towards. Groups ranging from the “popular” kids to the kids labeled as “sexually active band geeks.” Essentially, this has taught me that people often place too much desire on falling under a certain category that they believe is “accepted” when in fact, this is not always the case.

Conclusively, I’ve learned a lot of things and can’t simply summarize them all into a short paper.


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