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anxiety for the future.

This past week, the reality of my internship abroad hit me harder than it previously has. The reality of applying for graduate school next semester hit me even harder. I remember jolting awake from sleep the other night and counting the number of months that remain until I have to apply. It’s rather frightening. Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard I work at projects or try to make progress towards things to better me for the graduate school application process next year, I am still so behind. Will I ever feel ahead again? I’ve always been a very schedule/organization oriented person. This constant feeling of uncertainty is a bit of a stab to my normal tendencies. 

I decided to write this blog entry today because a) It’s been a while since I’ve just poured non-school related thoughts out into a blog entry and b) because I don’t know how to calm my brain down so I can re-focus my energy on all of the homework I need to complete today. Writing usually helps me organize my thoughts. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, organizing my thoughts into some semi-permanent medium is the reason behind my blogging in the first place. I do enjoy it, but everything has some kind of underlying purpose, right? 

I digress. The future is coming at me fast. I don’t have a concrete focus on where I’m going, but I know what (for the most part) I want to do. Hopefully things start to settle in their rightful places soon. I need to sleep steady again. 


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