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the telephone voice.

As much as I like to talk and communicate, I like to observe. Something I often notice is the way people change when they talk on the phone. It’s as if some people put on a different voice and personality entirely when speaking on the phone. Often, they are politer, exercise their manners and speak a little higher in pitch, as if that sounds sweeter or something. I am pretty confident that I also take on this facade when answering a phone  call. It’s something that I do pretty automatically, actually. I find myself speaking in a lighter tone and ending more sentences with things like “thank you!”

Why do we do this? That’s my question behind this thought. What makes the human mind work this way when answering a phone call? I mean, sure, some people are incredibly rude on the phone, but I feel that they do it within their own personal reasons. Some of them are just rude in general everyday conversation. Regardless, the majority of people I overhear answering the phone or making a phone call don’t sound like themselves.

This leads me to another thought. If they “don’t sound like themselves,” how am I able to recognize many voices over the phone before the person introduces themselves? Is it because of the way a person phrases things? I’ve often picked up the phone without looking at the caller ID and have quickly determined who was on the other side within a few words. I don’t know how all of this works, but I feel that there is something to it. Life works in incredibly strange ways.

Finally, a shout-out to the many people who began to follow this blog yesterday. According to WordPress, I received the most number of follows in a day than ever before yesterday. Thanks!


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