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I meant to share these a few days ago, but I lost track of time and the days.

For my literature class, we had to write in a form of poetry called a “Ghazal (I was going to link to a definition but couldn’t find a webpage that WordPress would agree with today).” Here are the two I wrote:

Di Ignoranza (This one is in Italian; “Of Ignorance”)

Siete stati soddisfatti con sciocco di ignoranza?

Si è tentato, ma non riuscì a fermare il blocco di ignoranza.

A volte le idee migliori che abbiamo,

Vengono distrutti da una scacco di ignoranza.

Quando Giuda vide Gesù condannato,

Ha cambiato idea e si impiccò di ignoranza.

Alcune persone mi lasciano perplesso,

Non possiamo evitare un pacco di ignoranza.

Tienimi costante, tienimi stretto,

Voglio colmare il spacco di ignoranza.




Writer’s block is only fixed by strange creativity.

You reach into your insanity to change creativity.

Thoughts move aimlessly throughout your intelligence,

Desiring a place to exchange creativity.

We concentrate in school to expand our knowledge base,

But when does knowledge interchange creativity?

Occasionally words unsuccessfully flow;

The rhymes break and we estrange creativity.

Avoid worry; embrace your thoughts and feelings,

Even the best can’t prearrange creativity.

Epiphanies take time and you must practice patience,

It’s worse for you to shortchange creativity.

We can believe Ashanka found her spark.

To write she must rearrange creativity.


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