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april 15, 2012.

Today will go down as a day where I learned and stressed a lot. Honestly, I should not even be spending the time it takes me to type this to do so because I still have plenty of writing assignments to complete, but I really wanted to document my thoughts. To justify this to myself, this is a way for me to clear my head of a train of thoughts and capture the awfulness that was April 15, 2012.

It’s that time of the semester where everything feels like it has piled up incredibly and seems almost unbearably impossible. At the same time, it’s the time for final days along with tests and papers. Classes will be over soon and everyone will part for about three months, most of us in completely different paths than others.

Last spring, I did not get to finish my school year because of the tragedies of April 27, 2011. This year, I just hope to be allowed the chance to successfully take my exams and submit all of my assignments as well as say proper farewells to my professors and friends before departing for the summer.

Back to today. Today was, to me, an awful day. I woke up completely upset and had to deal with technical issues before I could complete the easiest of assignments. Darn you, Residential Wireless Internet, or better known to inhabitants at the University of Alabama, ResNet. Your faultiness causes me to experience great sorrow and in turn creates disapproval of your services. One would think that this basis of our educational environment would be less buggy, but then again, I guess I can’t expect perfect internet connections.

I also experienced my first car accident today. Sure, I’ve accidentally caused some problems with my vehicle in the past, but I’ve never crashed into another car. Today I caused a minor accident when I accidentally rear-ended a man while driving back to my dorm. I was definitely upset and shocked by what had happened. I was fortunate that none of the three people in his car and the three of us in mine were harmed.

Regardless, today I feel that a pie was thrown in my face when I woke up and a car accident was the cherry on top. Tomorrow, I hope for a mega-turnaround and incredible productivity. Here’s to Monday and positive outlooks.


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