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looking back: 2012.

With the new year less than 24 hours away, I felt it was time to reflect on my last year with 20 things I did this past year. I’m sure many others have done these things, but they were what stuck out in my mind when thinking back.

In 2012 I…

1. Turned 21.

2. Witnessed the Alabama Football team win its 14th national championship.

3. Spent six weeks interning in Barcelona, Spain.

4. Became the Chief Copy Editor of The Crimson White.

5. Went to my first midnight movie premiere – The Hunger Games.

6. Was serenaded in front of Denny Chimes on Valentine’s Day.

7. Covered my first over night news story – a shooting on the Strip.

8. Watched my only brother graduate high school.

9. Took care of my brother after he got his wisdom teeth out and laughed harder than I have ever laughed.

10. Took a 25-hour week-long intensive Spanish course at Enforex Spanish School in Barcelona, Spain.

11. Saw giraffes up close for the first time.

12. Saw the end of the Batman trilogy.

13. Went to my first casino, gambled, won and lost money (of course)

14. Watched the 2012 Summer Olympics – USA! USA! USA!

15. Witnessed Spain win the Euro Cup while eating dinner in Barcelona, Spain.

16. Went to Cowboy Stadium/Texas for the first time.

17. Went to Arkansas for the first time.

18. Witnessed the Alabama Football team win its 23rd SEC Championship.

19. Was published internationally in Russia, Spain and other countries.

20. Received my four-year MDB member pin.

And moving forward, I can only imagine what exciting things are in store. For instance, this time next week, I will be watching the Alabama Football team compete for its 15th National Championship in Miami, Florida. Roll Tide, and Happy New Year!


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