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Saying goodbye to ‘The Office’

DunderMifflinI watch a lot of television, but only so many plot lines and characters will stick with me forever. The stories and characters from NBC’s The Office fall into that list.

When I was in the 9th grade (2005-06), I was integrating many new shows into my television lineup. This time was my transition from watching nothing but cartoons and Nickelodeon to shows with “real people.” I stumbled upon The Office after my 9th grade drama teacher quoted it in class. I thought it sounded funny and gave it a shot.

Over time, The Office became my favorite show. It was a show that both my brother and I could agree upon, share laughs from, and quote regularly without getting tired of it. To this day, it’s one of few shows we still agree upon.

More importantly, The Office taught me many lessons. To name a few: never use a George Foreman grill in bed. You can never have too many cats, unless you break some silly code that sets a limit (Cats are just awesome). How “That’s what she said” jokes work.

The Office introduced me to many actors and comedians who quickly became my all-time favorites. It also showed me one of the greatest television-love stories of all time (Though Dwangela is a close second.) This show gave me laughs upon laughs for nearly ten years thus far, and I know it will continue to do so in reruns for years to come.

It’s hard for me to say in words what The Office means to me. I love this show, its characters, and plot lines. Thank you Dunder Mifflin for always making me laugh and being the best “people person’s paper people!”


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