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September 2013 Heritage Birchbox and Unboxing Videos

If you can’t tell by my reaction to receiving this box in the mail today — I am very excited! Here’s my review of this month’s box. I’ve decided to stick to YouTube unboxings. I’m also linking some other videos I have recently done for those who are interested! Leave some comments below or on the video about what you got/what you thought of my box/your box, or just ideas for what I could make future videos about. I’m really still getting my feet wet in terms of vlogging and am open to suggestions.

PS: I realize the camera isn’t great. I’m having issues with my actual webcam recordings, so I’ve been using YouTube’s capture video thing to film these since the audio and video are actually in sync this way (See other videos for why I’m frustrated with my webcam). If anyone would like to offer some help or ideas, please feel free. I’m still learning!)

I ordered some products from Birchbox during their Labor Day sale, and this is an unboxing video I filmed of that package.

I did a DIY tutorial for a paperbag scrapbook I made for my boyfriend for our three-year dating anniversary.

Unboxing some products I got from Em Michelle Phan – beauty guru Michelle Phan’s first-ever makeup line (loving it currently!)


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