Posted in December 2013 Challenge

A photo of me taken recently

Today is day 8 of the 30-day blog challenge, and I’ve decided to do #11: A photo of me taken recently. It has been snowing nonstop all day, and I have had an awful headache for about six hours now, but I took this picture of myself earlier today for this blog post.


It may be difficult to tell, but my smile in the picture is a little off. Sure, I’m not trying hard to smile, but I’m also having difficulty smiling normally lately. Somehow, I got a painful cut on the inner corner of the left side of my mouth, and it’s making it hard to open my mouth fully to smile showing my teeth and eat. I’m frustrated by it, but hopefully it will heal soon – four days of this is long enough! The wind and cold weather are certainly not helping. I love to smile as much as I can, so it definitely hurts not being able to smile normally right now.


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