Posted in December 2013 Challenge

A Place I Want to Spend My Last Vacation

tenIt’s day 10 of the 30-day blog challenge. I can’t believe this month is almost a third over. 2013 has flown! Today I am writing on prompt #14: A place I want to spend my last vacation in. PS: I’m not a fan of this prompt.

My last vacation? Honestly, I hope I never have a clue that a trip is my last. I’m not a fan of foreseeing my own death. I hope I die naturally in my sleep, but no one really can know how they might die. Accidents happen everyday, unfortunately. It’s cliche, but life really is short.

I hope that whatever ends up being my “last vacation” is never the end of my travels. Whatever happens to me when I die will be a new journey in and of itself, though none of you will probably hear about it.


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