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Three things I would love to receive for Christmas

amazon giftcardFor my makeup post for day 13, I am going to write on prompt #17: “5 things that you want to receive for your birthday.” Since my birthday is in July, and it’s almost Christmas, I decided to restructure this prompt to “Three things I’d love to receive for Christmas.” While I don’t really celebrate Christmas, and I don’t really have anything I particularly want, I will list three material things I wouldn’t mind receiving (in no particular order). I chose to do three rather than five, because I couldn’t think of five things tonight.

keurig1. Amazon or Target gift cards – With the amount of shopping I do at these two locations, I wouldn’t mind having a little help paying for these expenses now and then.

2. A Keurig – I don’t drink coffee, but I do drink Chai regularly and occasional hot chocolates. The convenience of a keurig is the only reason I have always wanted one. Unfortunately, I can’t bring myself to buy myself one.

nokia lumia 10203. The newest iPhone or Nokia Lumia  – This item is actually at the top of my list currently, because my current iPhone 4 has been crashing, lagging, and driving me crazy lately. I have an upgrade, but upgrading phones right now is still up in the air. If I do upgrade, I’d upgrade to the latest iPhone or the new Nokia Lumia 1020, which features an unbelievable 41 megapixel camera, and yes, I really want it for the stellar camera capabilities since I use my phone as my primary camera more often nowadays.


2 thoughts on “Three things I would love to receive for Christmas

  1. Opposite bought a Keurig at a discount and still haven’t opened it, I want to make coffee but I’m just that lazy.. lol I feel your pain

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