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What made me cry recently

This is a makeup post for day 12 of the 30-day challenge. I will post a makeup for day 13 and then today’s day 14 post soon as well.

sandy hook ribbonFor day 12, I am answering prompt #16: What made me cry recently?

I don’t cry often, especially not at things on TV, but the older I get, the more television moments reduce me to tears. Most recently, I was rewatching the fourth season of Glee on Netflix. I’ve been a fan of this show since it first came out, though I often find most of it ridiculous and unrealistic. I suppose it’s sort of a guilty pleasure show for me, but nonetheless, sometimes scenes do upset me.

gleeI found myself crying in the middle of the season 4 episode “Shooting Star.” In this episode, the Glee kids find themselves in the midst of a school shooting. The moment I began crying was when one of the McKinley high school glee club students (Artie) begins taking video on his phone and asks his fellow glee-mates if they have anything they want to say, in case something terrible happens to them.

One by one, the kids speak to the camera saying their possibly last words. I broke down when one of the characters tells her parents how much she loves them and how much they mean to her. It made me think of my own parents, who at the time, I had not seen for almost five months and missed so much. I love my family, and I couldn’t imagine going through something like a school shooting.

tumblr_ml62syKTAw1qbsa8so1_500While this post was meant for Thursday, today happens to be the one-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, an absolute tragedy, and while Glee is not as serious as real-life events on the news, it does depict the types of emotions that you’d expect to occur during that type of situation well, in my opinion.

Regardless, my point is to say that as often as you can, tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. I often remind myself of the overused phrase “life is short.” 


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