Posted in December 2013 Challenge

Favorite quotation

quoteI hate that I’m still behind, but I don’t on my laptop as regularly when I’m at home on school breaks; however, I am not quitting this 30-day challenge! Here is my makeup post for day 14. I am writing on prompt #5: favorite quotation.

This prompt is another challenging thought for me in that I really can’t pinpoint a single quotation that I would dub “my favorite.” I have mental lists of quotations from books, famous people, television, etc., that I like, but I don’t believe I could name one as my “favorite.” I don’t think I could even narrow it down to 10.

So, I realize I’m not really answering this prompt as one probably should, but it did lead me to think of why some quotations stand out from others. Overall, I think “favorite quotations” depend on the person and their life situation. Can you pinpoint a single favorite quote?


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