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Five things I couldn’t possibly live without

I am catching up at last! It’s day 16 of the 30-day blog challenge, which means I am more than halfway done. Today I am writing on prompt #7: “Five things you couldn’t possibly live without.”

I am thinking of this post as specifically about physical/material things other than the obvious food/water/air/love/money/etc. that people might list. With that said, here are five things I believe I can’t live without:

glasses1. My glasses – I’ve had glasses since I was in the first grade. They are a staple in my life, because I’m nearly blind without them. I’ve also become accustomed to the way they frame my face – I feel naked without them sometimes.

iPhone 5c white2. My phone – I’ve had a cellphone since 10th grade, and while I wasn’t nearly as reliant upon it then, I definitely am now. As of yesterday, I currently have an iPhone 5c, and I use it for everything (I had an iPhone 4 before this).

3. My laptop – Without my laptop, I wouldn’t be able to type these blog posts. Sure, I could technically write the on my phone, but it makes much more sense to write them on my computer. I also couldn’t write papers or vlog. I spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos, using various social media, and so much more on my laptop. Definitely a necessity in my life.

samsung microwave4. A microwave – If I had to choose my favorite kitchen appliance, it would probably be the fridge, stove, or microwave. Of those three, I feel like the microwave is something I am very dependent on, especially as a college student who spent her undergraduate years in a dorm without a stove. 

5. And on that note… a fridge – because where else would I store all those scrumptious things I like to eat?

What material items can’t you live without?


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