Posted in December 2013 Challenge

Five people I want to spend my last day with

To makeup for day 18, I am writing on prompt #23: “List 5 people you want to spend your last day with.”

Again, this is another morbid prompt in that I don’t personally want to know what day is my last. I’m not the kind of person who is interested in that sort of thing.

It’s also difficult to pick five people today, because I really don’t know what place I would be in whenever I’m about to die. I’d always hope my parents were still magically alive regardless of how old I get. If I’m married, I hope my spouse is someone I get to spend some time with before I pass on. I also have a brother and some incredible best friends.

Again, this prompt isn’t one I can provide a realistic answer to today, but I can say, I hope that whatever day ends up being my last is spent in the company of all the wonderful people in my life.


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