Posted in December 2013 Challenge

A special talent of mine

WritingHappy Boxing Day! For day 26, I am writing on prompt #19: “A special talent of mine.”

I’ve been thinking about this prompt for a while and trying to come up with an answer beyond my usual answer: “I play trombone.”

This led me to think about what a talent is versus a skill. I asked some of my friends and they immediately went to trombone and writing – things I’ve been told I’m “talented at” for years.

One of my friends even said my “charisma” was my talent, but I’m not sure how talented I need to be to be charismatic. It’s an interesting sentiment though, and I appreciate that my friends think so much of me.

So, in the end of all of these thoughts, I’m still not sure what my “special talent,” is beyond the way I write.


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