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My plans and goals for the next 365 days

happy new yearAlas, the 30-day challenge comes to a close today. For the final day, I will be writing on prompt #29 “My plans and goals for the next 365 days.”

This prompt is perfect in that I normally post some kind of end-of-year/New Year’s resolutions-type post each year.

2013 was definitely a year for the books. I graduated with two bachelor’s degrees, made a big move, began graduate school, and much more.

This next year, I hope to see more 6 a.m.’s and less 2 a.m.’s. I plan to read more, work harder, and shed a few pounds along the way.

In 2014, I will continue my graduate school journey and hope my work will get accepted to some conferences and/or for publication. I will also begin teaching at the college-level in August, and I can only wish that I can handle my teaching responsibilities with my schoolwork successfully. I also hope I am a teacher students learn a lot from.

Finally, I plan to blog more in 2014. Thank you for reading and following along with me these past few years. If you have any suggestions for future posts, or any more blog challenges for me to attempt, please post them in the comments section below.

As I move forward to 2014, I have many expectations, but most of all, I hope it’s another great year for everyone.

Happy New Year!


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