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Ruffian Nail Polish Rapture Collection Review

10487353_765162363506076_6194371984430164664_nDisclaimer: I am part of the Birchblogger group on and occasionally receive opportunities to win products to test out — sometimes I win. This is my review of a product I recently won from Despite the product being given to me for free to try out, my review is 100 percent honest and is in no way shaped by or represent the organization from which the products stem.


Almost a month ago, I received a set of three Ruffian brand polishes from the Rapture Collection as well as pack of 10 Ruffian brand nail polish remover wipes from In a past Birchbox, I had received a Ruffian polish and was far from impressed. At the time, I thought the formula was too thick and streaky. Since then, my opinion of Ruffian has only changed slightly.

10556347_766877183334594_6277276904080730562_nThe polishes I received were from the Rapture Collection and included a silvery shade (Relic), a rose-gold shade (Rosary), and a lavender shade (Ambrosia). First off, I have and continue to love the Ruffian packaging and color choices. These three polishes were a great selection of colors that can be worn easily on both my hands and feet. However, the formula for the polishes can be very thick and build up messily if you aren’t careful with how you apply it, or happen to apply polish a little heavy-handedly, which I sometimes do from one finger to the next.

1939588_765546280134351_232667995357564195_nThe positive of this polish is that it literally only takes one coat to get a very opaque color on your nails — you just have to be careful how heavily you apply that one coat. This polish also upholds pretty well against chippage for a few days without a top coat. With a top coat, it’ll last almost a week without looking too rough.

Of the colors I received, it was difficult for me to choose a favorite color. The Relic shade is a classic color that works with almost anything I wear, while the Rosary and Ambrosia colors are gorgeous and trendy as well. I would love to see a blue shade of sorts in this collection.

Overall, I didn’t hate these polishes, I just wish the formula wasn’t so streaky and clumpy at times. I realize I am not an expert nail artist at all, nor do I claim to be, but for the average person, this polish can be very heavy and messy if not applied with the right touch.

If I were to rate this polish, I’d give it an A+ for color choice, B for formula, and an A for packaging.

However, there is something great to be said for the nail polish remover wipes. As a person who has tried a large variety of nail polish remover products, I must say I am very impressed by these wipes. Not only was one wipe enough to successfully clean all 10 of my nails, but it also got each of my toes, which I often find rare for a wipe to do well.

Next, the formula also conditioned my nails and the wipes were acetone free. I am pretty sure I will end up buying a full size of the wipes once I run out simply, because they are incredibly effective. A+ product.


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