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If I actually became a Clown

free clown color-vector-jfBuzzfeed recently posted “What should you write today?,” a set of prompts that you can select at random to write about. I happened to choose this one: “Write about what would happen if you unwaveringly followed your first childhood dream” and decided to blog about it here. I hope to use this resource more in the future to write about some fun topics!

I’m interpreting this prompt in terms of my career choices. My first childhood dream career was to be a clown — no joke. When i was in about the second grade, I was considered “the funniest girl” in my class alongside a boy named Nicholas who was the “funniest boy.” These titles were arbitrary, but we took them in pride.

Being funny came easily to me, and I figured it would be an enjoyable life career, so I remember trying to think of people who did it as a career. At the time, I didn’t know comedians were a thing or that there were other ways to use my humor, so I went for what felt like the obvious career choice: becoming a clown.

I had watched clowns on television, and I loved that they brought laughter to people. What a great gift to give with your job! If I unwaveringly followed this childhood dream, I definitely wouldn’t be in graduate school today. I would have attended some clown college, I’m sure, and learned the ins and outs of painting my face brightly and riding a unicycle — at least that’s what I imagine would happen.

I wouldn’t be so concerned with dressing professionally or taking care of my hair, since a wig would cover it up regularly anyway. I would attend dozens of birthday parties and probably be a rounder person in shape (all that cake has to go somewhere!).

If I actually became a clown, I probably would use the trombone as part of my comedy act. Trombones can be hilarious instruments and kids love the sound of funny glisses right?

Clowning surely has its disadvantages too. No job is perfect right? I’m sure there would be lots of risks of injury in some of the things I might do. I’m also sure that I would have to deal with lots of crying children who just didn’t find clowns enjoyable.

So why didn’t I follow my early dream and become a clown? I eventually began to find them rather spooky (probably because of some Goosebumps book or Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode, and I couldn’t handle how fearful people were of clowns in that regard. “I don’t want to scare people,” I thought.

But I do still enjoy making people laugh when I can and “clowning around” with my friends. Just don’t expect to see me in face paint and a wig anytime soon.

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Ruffian Nail Polish Rapture Collection Review

10487353_765162363506076_6194371984430164664_nDisclaimer: I am part of the Birchblogger group on and occasionally receive opportunities to win products to test out — sometimes I win. This is my review of a product I recently won from Despite the product being given to me for free to try out, my review is 100 percent honest and is in no way shaped by or represent the organization from which the products stem.


Almost a month ago, I received a set of three Ruffian brand polishes from the Rapture Collection as well as pack of 10 Ruffian brand nail polish remover wipes from In a past Birchbox, I had received a Ruffian polish and was far from impressed. At the time, I thought the formula was too thick and streaky. Since then, my opinion of Ruffian has only changed slightly.

10556347_766877183334594_6277276904080730562_nThe polishes I received were from the Rapture Collection and included a silvery shade (Relic), a rose-gold shade (Rosary), and a lavender shade (Ambrosia). First off, I have and continue to love the Ruffian packaging and color choices. These three polishes were a great selection of colors that can be worn easily on both my hands and feet. However, the formula for the polishes can be very thick and build up messily if you aren’t careful with how you apply it, or happen to apply polish a little heavy-handedly, which I sometimes do from one finger to the next.

1939588_765546280134351_232667995357564195_nThe positive of this polish is that it literally only takes one coat to get a very opaque color on your nails — you just have to be careful how heavily you apply that one coat. This polish also upholds pretty well against chippage for a few days without a top coat. With a top coat, it’ll last almost a week without looking too rough.

Of the colors I received, it was difficult for me to choose a favorite color. The Relic shade is a classic color that works with almost anything I wear, while the Rosary and Ambrosia colors are gorgeous and trendy as well. I would love to see a blue shade of sorts in this collection.

Overall, I didn’t hate these polishes, I just wish the formula wasn’t so streaky and clumpy at times. I realize I am not an expert nail artist at all, nor do I claim to be, but for the average person, this polish can be very heavy and messy if not applied with the right touch.

If I were to rate this polish, I’d give it an A+ for color choice, B for formula, and an A for packaging.

However, there is something great to be said for the nail polish remover wipes. As a person who has tried a large variety of nail polish remover products, I must say I am very impressed by these wipes. Not only was one wipe enough to successfully clean all 10 of my nails, but it also got each of my toes, which I often find rare for a wipe to do well.

Next, the formula also conditioned my nails and the wipes were acetone free. I am pretty sure I will end up buying a full size of the wipes once I run out simply, because they are incredibly effective. A+ product.

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Spring Fling Voxbox via Influenster — Review

Recently I received a Spring Fling Voxbox from Influenster filled with products for me to try. Watch the unboxing below to see my first impressions of the items I got.

The products I received were:
1. Kiss Everlasting French
2. Nivea Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion
3. Playtex Sport Tampons
4. Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara
5. Labor Day peach pie-scented air freshner

Of these products, I’m most excited to try the Kiss Everlasting French nails since I have never used a product like them and love to do fun things with my nails. The lotion is the product I’ve used the most so far, and I really appreciate that it isn’t greasy and does provide a lot of moisture to the skin. The tampons are completely useless to me since I don’t use that particular product, so I am currently looking to give them away to someone who does. The mascara is one I need a little time to try to determine if I truly love it, because in my opinion, it takes more than one use to determine how you feel about most products. Finally, the Labor Day peach pie-scented air freshner doesn’t smell like much of anything to me, but it’s a cute decoration hanging in my apartment currently.

That’s my brief review of all of the products I received in this voxbox — tune in to my YouTube channel and/or follow me on Instagram for more reviews on this and future voxboxes. If you are interested in this 100 percent free service, feel free to leave a message below, and I can send you an invitation to join or provide more information beyond what is mentioned in this post and in the video above!

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A recommitment for my sanity

I wanted to write a blog post, but it had been a while since I had written one. I could go on through excuses of “being too busy” or “life took over,” etc. etc., but really, it all boils down into a lack of motivation. But hey, it’s summer, and I have more free time.

I wanted to write a blog post, so I got onto this blog and quickly stopped yet again. The layout was all wrong. 2013 me would be completely OK with this, but it’s almost the middle of 2014, so things should change to reflect my growth or something right? I’m not the same person I was last summer. After spending way too long previewing and going through the disappointment of the free layout selections on WordPress, I have settled on this layout that still doesn’t make me completely content. The perk of this layout is that it is simple and is mobile friendly, so it’ll do for now.

I wanted to write a blog post, but it took days of mentally thinking through ideas, clicking through layouts, and debating just deleting my blog entirely and giving up. But no, I would regret that choice immediately. When I want something, I will keep trying until I get it. So here I am, recommitting to healthy blogging.

When I am on breaks, I spend a lot of time thinking about my life. Reflecting on the past year. Thinking about the future — the future that frightens me as much as it excites me. (That’s normal right?)

I also get very nostalgic. With the influx of “throwback Thursdays,” “flashback Fridays,” and apps like TimeHop, it’s easy to spend a lot of time thinking about one’s past, but really, one shouldn’t dwell on that past too much. Sure, it’s nice to have all of these memories, but thinking too much about how one could have done something different takes away from what one can do now.

The present is fleeting. If I wanted to dwell, I would say that I hate the days I’ve wasted sitting around moping about not having something to do, but in reality, I craved this time off for a long time. Now I have it, but I’m failing to make the most of it and truly enjoy it.

In the end, I just wanted to write. I’ve wanted to write for days, weeks, months, but every time I began to draft something. I focused too hard on crafting a clever message, when in reality, I just wanted to get my thoughts down.

When I originally created this blog in May 2010 (yes, the anniversary was about three days ago), the primary purpose was for this blog to serve as a space I could release some creativity, but more importantly, a space I could get my thoughts out so I wouldn’t feel like I was going crazy just thinking through “what ifs” and struggling internally with some of these thoughts.

Today, I am writing a blog post as a way to reset some of these original purposes, because in the end, I created a blog, because I want to write.

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Target Spring Preview VoxBox Review

IMG_2092First I want to start out by saying that I received this box and product complimentary from Influenster to test out, but I have not been paid or anything to voice my opinion on it, so my thoughts are my own.

IMG_8825Today I received the Target Spring Preview VoxBox from Influenster. Inside my box, I got one product: a Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Bronzer in the shade “Goddess.” You can find and purchase this product at Target stores nationwide.

I wasn’t very excited about this product, because I am not the kind of person who uses (or really needs) a bronzer, but I will try anything once. In terms of a product, it’s not really for me, but the color and quality are quite good.

I really like the packaging, shade, and the fact that packaging contains a built-in mirror and application brush, one that isn’t of terrible quality either!

IMG_6383Overall, while this product isn’t something I envision using every day, I do plan to try to incorporate it subtly into my makeup routine. I liked the formula when I played with it briefly today and it seemed to blend quite well. Again, the color is gorgeous.

Leave a comment below if you’ve tried anything by Sonia Kashuk or received a Spring Preview Target Voxbox. What did you get? I’m curious to know what other products were given out in this set of boxes.

If you are interested in becoming an Influenster (it’s 100% free and you never have to pay for anything they send you!), leave a comment below and let’s talk.

Here is my complete first impressions unboxing video.

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Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Total Knockout Polish Review


A few weeks ago, I received my second voxbox complimentary from Influenster. I got three Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Total Knockout polishes in the colors: “Jaded,” “Red my Lips,” and “Pat on the Black.”

Here is my complete unboxing:

sally hansenOverall, my first impression of the polishes was bleak, but after taking a second stab, I was impressed overall. The fact that you don’t need a base coat or top coat to get a full manicure effect is my favorite part. Here are pictures of what the “Red my Lips” looked like on my nails (first impression). I didn’t like the application at all and thought it was too messy because of the lack of control the brush gives you.

IMG_8538Here is a picture of the “Pat on the Black” color on my nails after 5 days of wear. I wash my hands a lot so the fact that they haven’t chipped further than this impresses me.

Final verdict: good polish formula, unnecessarily oversized brush.

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My plans and goals for the next 365 days

happy new yearAlas, the 30-day challenge comes to a close today. For the final day, I will be writing on prompt #29 “My plans and goals for the next 365 days.”

This prompt is perfect in that I normally post some kind of end-of-year/New Year’s resolutions-type post each year.

2013 was definitely a year for the books. I graduated with two bachelor’s degrees, made a big move, began graduate school, and much more.

This next year, I hope to see more 6 a.m.’s and less 2 a.m.’s. I plan to read more, work harder, and shed a few pounds along the way.

In 2014, I will continue my graduate school journey and hope my work will get accepted to some conferences and/or for publication. I will also begin teaching at the college-level in August, and I can only wish that I can handle my teaching responsibilities with my schoolwork successfully. I also hope I am a teacher students learn a lot from.

Finally, I plan to blog more in 2014. Thank you for reading and following along with me these past few years. If you have any suggestions for future posts, or any more blog challenges for me to attempt, please post them in the comments section below.

As I move forward to 2014, I have many expectations, but most of all, I hope it’s another great year for everyone.

Happy New Year!